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IoT & Cloud based Smart Queueing

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mackbook with qube Admin dashboard
Cloud based
No servers to manage. Access everything with a URL.
Easy to configure
Configure and manage everything in the admin app.
Relevant Stats
Relevant data helps you make better decisions.
Open to integrations
Integrate other services with our platform.
Easy Device registration
You can register a device with QR-Code or just enter the key in the Admin app.
Solid technologies
Scalable and Real time Based on REST and MQTT protocols.
qube admin management
All you need to manage your queues
Qube solid management makes it easy to configure the pillars of your queue management system.
qube admin stats
Know what's happening
Stats cuts through the noise and reveals the insights you need to make better decisions that help your business grow.
qube register device in one step
Register a Device in 1 Step
Super easy to register a device, just scan a QR-code or enter the key code on Admin app.
Scan QR-Code
Enter key code

At your store

We are thinking about the experience from the moment the client enters the store to the ending of the customer service.
Ticket Kiosk at a store

Ticket kiosk

Hardware and Software device to generate and print tickets.
Well known user interface
Important notifications are sent to Staff
Error feedback screens
E-Ticket QR-Code screen
Reuse same layout in multiple devices

Ticket kiosk in your pocket

E-Ticket, an app to generate and track electronic tickets.
Generate tickets and track them remotely
Paperless ticket
No Hardware - Lower costs and maintenance
QM-Pad app at a store counter


Tickets management app for Staff. Call, pause, cancel and transfer tickets.
Transfer tickets to users, counters or queues
Attach notes when tickets are transfered
Available as web and Desktop App
Native notifications.
Player at a stores


Shows Queue Management status anywhere.
Show last called tickets per queue
Show it anywhere with a web browser

Tools for our partners

We are committed to help our partners building tools that help them better assist their customers
cockpit with locations
Assist your clients remotely
Access to multiple locations
Get informations about devices per location
Do actions on devices
q better culture
We are Q-Better
Our team have more than 10 years of experience in Queue Management systems.

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